A negative tasting descriptor for a wine with diluted flavors and low in alcohol.
The German word for wine.
The fermented juice of grapes.
Wine cellar
A place in which wine is stored. It should be dark and humid.
Wine fault
Deficient winemaking techniques or storage conditions will trigger undesirable characteristics (faults) in a wine.
Wine tasting
The assessment of a wine by the senses. The first step is to look at the appearance (color and clarity) of a wine by tilting the glass against a white background. The next step is to smell the wine, but before sticking your nose inside the glass, one should swirl it first in order to mix it with air. Then one will sip the wine. Try to move it around the mouth so that the wine can reach all the different parts of the tongue. At this point, one is not only looking for taste, but also how the wine weights in the mouth, whether is has depth and length. Finally, one will either swallow or spit the wine, but the evaluation doesn’t end here. If a wine is “long”, one will be able to feel the flavors lingering on the tongue for a while.
A property or company that produces wine.
The typical aromas and flavors of wines that were aged in oak barrels.
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