Ice Wine
A dessert wine that is made from frozen, overripe grapes.
Indicazione Geografica Tipica
IGT. The lowest-ranking category of the Italian regulation system for wines.
Inert Gases
In winemaking, they are used to protect wine from contact with air, therefore, avoiding oxidation and/or spoilage. The most common gases used are carbon dioxide, argon and nitrogen.
A visual descriptor of a wine that has an opaque purple hue.
Italian word for graft. A technique in which the bud-producing part of a grapevine is attached to an existing root.
A wine that has intense flavors cannot be described “per se” as a high quality wine; however, dilute flavors can indicate just the opposite.
Italian term that defines the period of development of the grapes when they change color. “Veraison” in French.
Italian word for aged.
IPM (Integrated Pest Management)
The use of both organic and/or limited chemical means to control pests in the vineyard.
A protein extract made from the swim bladder of the sturgeon. It is used in white wine clarification at very low concentrations (10-50mg/L) with excellent results. There is no need for tannin or silica-sol addition in combination with isinglass.
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