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A great new discovery: The best wines from Lugana age amazingly well.

I spent a few days in Lugana (south of Lake Garda, Italy) with a group of #winelover-s and I had the chance to taste many wines of the region. From the freshest bottles of the 2013 vintage (which I knew quite well) to aged bottles of the 70’s and 80’s (that I had never had before) […]

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Why we don’t like certain wines? A guide to help you understand why.

Madeline Puckette (“Wine Folly”) tasting a bad bottle of wine…   How many times have you asked (or heard) the question: “What’s is wrong with this wine?”   There’s a multitude of things that can make a wine taste bad. If a deviation from what is considered acceptable is just minor, it will define a […]

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“Why You Like the Wines You Like: Changing the way the world thinks about wine.” by Tim Hanni, MW

 “Why You Like the Wines You Like:  Changing the way the world thinks about wine.” This is one of the best books I’ve read recently. Tim Hanni, MW (and #winelover) brings a different approach to the way we should appreciate the theme of our passion: Wine. According to its Amazon description: ” It introduces the […]

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How do you know if it’s Grenache in a blind tasting?

First, a short explanation on the meaning of blind tasting. According to Wikepedia “To ensure impartial judgment of a wine, it should be served blind — that is, without the taster(s) having seen the label or bottle shape. Blind tasting may also involve serving the wine from a black wine glass to mask the color […]

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The Institute of Masters of Wine exam (2013).

Since I joined the MW program in 2008, I have been asked frequently: “What do you have to know to become a Master of Wine?”. Well, I could spend a lot of time trying to explain everything related with the process of successfully concluding the program (and becoming a MW), but I believe it will […]

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Minerality in wine. What is it?

People use in their tasting descriptions for wines terms like “stony”, “chalky”, “smoky”, “flinty”, “salty”, “earthy”, “oily”… And, on occasion, even “aromas and flavors of wet rock” to describe what is labeled as minerality in a wine. But what does that really mean? Where does it come from? It’s a known fact that the geological […]

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Christy Canterbury MW Napa mountain Wines Special Report 2013

Christy Canterbury is one of my favorite MWs… why? 1) She has a beautiful smile (and she smiles…) 2) She had Patrick Farrell as her mentor as a student at the institute. And that brings me hope that Pat can do it once again and make of me a Master of Wine as well! (wishful […]

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quote of the day – 020213

“The scientific approach, most intensively applied in making the finest wines, has resulted in an enhanced capacity to bring out the full quality and character of individual terroirs. Scientific winemaking has not resulted in standardization or leveling of the quality. On the contrary, by making it possible to correct defects and eliminate technical imperfections, it […]

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The use (or not) of sulfur dioxide in winemaking: trick or treat?

This article should have been posted for Halloween. That’s why you see “trick or treat?” on the title. I’m running a little late on my schedule… but I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did working on it. Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is a natural by-product of winemaking as a small quantity is […]

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A mere marketing tool or a fundamental transformation of viticultural practices? – My take on biodynamics.

A mere marketing tool or a fundamental transformation of viticultural practices? – My take on biodynamics.   The new #winelover t-shirt is for sale in the US now… Please support our community and buy yours here: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I posted this article last year on “”, but I decided to post it again here since […]

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