Will the future ever forgive us if we fail to save Lugana?


If you are a #winelover, you probably heard that the Lugana region is under a serious threat… Why? Lugana has about 1,200 hectares under vines today and 300 could be gone if a new railway is established. That is about 25% of its vineyards!

Here’s the explanation by Luca Formentini (President of the Consorzio of Lugana) why you should support the cause:

“There are no words to express my gratitude for what is happening here. I have to admit I also feel a little responsible for those who have been annoyed by this campaign. I haven’t got through all the messages but have read here and there and would like to add some points which I would have added to the petition if I wasn’t risking to make it weaker by being too long: there is absolutely no political party consideration with this petition. The government sustains the necessity of Tav with two motivations: Italy cannot risk to be cut out from the Lisbon-Kiev commercial corridor and the TAV (high speed train) works will help Italy to recover from the economical crisis. We have Portuguese, Spanish and French friends here who can probably tell us that Portugal is not doing any TAV, the same if for Spain and some french who can report the decision their court of revisors took 3 weeks considering the TAV being unsustainable. This means that Italy would risk to be the only european country to have a full TAV. We all know (at least, we, Italians) which results are brought from saying that economy can be fixed by making big infrastructures that cancel land forever in change of work for some time and money for few, big, private companies ( some of them working for over the 92% for the government). Our train system needs to perform EFFICIENCY as many other things in Italy. It is not by adding a newer line beside an existing one that you get the result. The expected higher traffic does not justify such an enormous amount of money. Consider that building a TAV line in Italy costs the double of the most expensive non Italian TAV in the world. People don’t know what is happening and come to the Consorzio of Lugana office to ask if their house is going to be touched by the railway. To a wine producers’ organization ? We have been feeling a responsibility here. Wine is connected to the land probably more that many other jobs; we watch to the ground with a very long perspective in our minds. The ground is not just the essential matter of our production, it is the timbre of our wine, an element that will distinguish it from our neighbor’s one. This timbre is a part of the essence. The vines we grow on this land will need many years to perform their potential and if this potential will not show up as expected more years are needed to change the direction and get to the next point. We have been the ones who began to move a flag, saying to people that taking care for the land has no political color. Saying that none has the right to cancel future generations rights on the land, because land can change the owner but has to always be available to the future. We have been feeling the responsibility of telling these things to the ones whose work depends on the quality of the landscape: the ones working in the tourism. Lake Garda is the third touristic destination in Italy after Rome and Venice. 22 million people come visit these beautiful places every year and they enjoy our lake, hills, rivers mountains, wines, olive oil, cheese and a beautiful system connecting the southern alps to the Padana plain. There are almost 2000 between hotels and restaurants around lake Garda. Can you imagine how many families ? The touristic associations didn’t know anything about the TAV, they didn’t know about the impact of the construction yards expected to be 7 years at least; nothing about the 12 overpasses 12 meters high and 700 mt from one side to the other that would be built in these 9 km. We are just trying to make people know, because the problem is that people don’t know. And once they know, they begin to act their disagreement and they all are doing it a very civil way. The TAV will not touch any of my company’s properties. This is making me even more free to express my feelings and offer my time to let people know more than what the government is telling us. And I am sure that soon some politician will understand that this is a way too risky situation to have against and will start to jump on the other side. If not because he is convinced about it, because each day it is more evident that ethics are becoming more and more important for a growing number of people and sustainability and environment are key for our evolution.”

You can also watch the video below:


But the most important thing… please make sure that you sign the petition here:


You can also see how many people are supporting the campaign here: http://www.luganawinetour.com/savelugana

Will the future ever forgive us if we fail to save this precious wine region? I don’t think so…


Thank you so much for your help!


Luiz Alberto, #winelover ( visit our website: www.winelover.co )




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