The power of passion, the… by Lotte Karolina Gabrovits, #winelover

I wanted to write this piece because there is an online voting going on Facebook ( ) from VinCe magazine, an Hungarian publication:

They are asking for people to vote for the woman in Hungary that has the biggest influence in the wine business.

Ok… I’m receiving many votes in this competition… but this is NOT the most important thing! It only proves that I have many friends who are willing to help me…  But I know that I certainly do not deserve this title. The person who is the most influential in our lives in Hungary is Dr. Mészáros Gabriella. She was the person who awoke the in me (and in many others).  She was the one who supported me and always believed in me when I needed help or when I had any questions that involved wine.

The truth is… I am just a student who has a strong as many of us… and, although I was raised in Germany, I am a believer and fighter for the wines of Hungary and, of course, of many other amazing wines of the world…

I feel blessed for the opportunities I’m having at such a young age. I’m only 24 and I had the chance to travel to many wine regions and taste some fantastic wines… Thanks to all of the friends I have with Dr. Mészáros Gabi in the first place, who I could consider as my second mother, I really have learned a lot, not only about wine, but also about life, relationships and passion…

Yes, I have tasted many wines and experienced a lot. I am convinced that the best wines of Hungary are as amazing as the most famous of the world. The ones we hear and read about… or even, when we are lucky enough, we get a chance to taste!

My aim as simple girl, #winelover, is to spread the word of wine to the world, of the love of wine and especially the love of Hungarian wine. But the truth is, nobody would even listen to me if there wasn’t this strong bond between me and the #winelover community. We all share the same passion for wine and we help to promote the interest for wine using social media. Our members travel the wine world in search of knowledge and pleasure, and that’s how I have made so many new friends… these same good people who are helping me now.

I would be the happiest person, if there was not this feeling of a fierce competition. Specially it happens among us, Hungarian people… The same people who give me the chance everyday to experience so much… It is not a question of who is the most powerful woman in Hungary or in the whole wine business world. It should rather be a question of holding together as one group of people who share the same passion, the!

This is something we still have to work on… specially in Hungary… that the world can start to consider our wines as a unique treasure, because they are…

… they really are!

And then again, thank you so much for all the support! I have no words to express my gratitude… but if you allow me to ask for one more favor, it would be: If we really have to make a choice, please give your vote to Dr. Mészáros Gabriella. She is the one who truly deserves this title.

With my best regards,

Lotte Karolina Gabrovits, #winelover


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6 Responses to The power of passion, the… by Lotte Karolina Gabrovits, #winelover

  1. Luiz December 23, 2012 at 6:11 pm #

    I’m very proud of you my little sister. Showing respect for people that we admire is much more important than our selfish desires to win. This is a lesson that all of us should learn. Cheers!

  2. vitormendes77 December 24, 2012 at 8:15 am #

    Absolutely no words for such humbleness… except “respect” … glad to have you Lotte as my #winelover friend! :-)

    • gabrovitsl December 27, 2012 at 12:16 am #

      Similar feelings to me my friend 😉 !

  3. wendyvallaster December 24, 2012 at 12:01 pm #

    Great message Lotte… a message that can be appreciated all over the world, not just in Hungary. My teachers and mentors in wine have been not only my biggest influence, but have inspired me to take the chances, and the opportunities that I have… bringing much richness of experience to my life in the wine world. If it were not for people like these, and like Dr. Mészáros Gabi giving of themselves, our lives would be much less than they are now.
    I hope Lotte, that you have a wonderful, inspired New Year!
    Wendy Vallaster

    • gabrovitsl December 27, 2012 at 12:15 am #

      Thank you so much Wendy… I wish you all the same!… and it is just so amazing to meet people like these, I totally agree… as our life is all about learning… not only about the things we are interested in, that in my case is the wine, but as well we can learn from people many other things… those things we do not even pay attention to. But those little things are so important in our lifes.;-)
      Looking forward to meet you at one of our next #winelover events coming up next year starting with Brussels in January, Umbria, our 1 year anniversary around Valentines day…and continued in March in Hungary…. so there will be a lot of chances to meet…:-)
      A sparkling New Year to you until then 😉 !

  4. Elwin December 31, 2012 at 11:23 am #

    Well said! I totally agree with you on the ” join forces” concept. It is said to see so many lovaly Hungarian wines go unnoticed by the world. We overpay for way too many wines, whilst it could easily be replaced by a bunch of Hungarian ones. Even more: these people are hardworking and struggling for survival, so certainly deserve their rightful spot in the international wine world. We keep fighting!!!
    Happy New Year!

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