What is Klout? Who are the top influencers in the wine industry? (letters S and T)

What is Klout?
Who are the top influencers in the wine industry?
1) What is Klout?

The Klout Score measures influence based on your ability to drive action. Every time you create content or engage you influence others. The Klout Score uses data from social networks in order to measure:

  • True Reach: How many people you influence
  • Amplification: How much you influence them
  • Network Impact: The influence of your network
2) Who are the top influencers in the wine industry?
I’m compiling a list of the people with the highest scores in the wine industry. This first article includes only influencers whose name starts with letters S and T. You will find their names, scores, links to their pages (twitter, facebook, google+, klout, etc), as well as their top influences on Klout (besides wine).
Since I posted this article, Klout made some changes in their way of measuring influence. I truly believe they are going in the right direction… Here is what they had to say about the changes:
Klout’s vision is to build the most clear, accurate, and transparent measure of influence. Here’s how:
  • More Actions Measured: We added variables that will allow more actions across various networks to contribute to your Klout Score, such as +K received, Facebook subscribers and more.
  • Always Learning: We now pull real-world influence data from sources like Wikipedia and LinkedIn titles. These signals enrich our data and help our systems adapt to the changing landscape of influence.
  • Greater Transparency: When your Klout Score rises, you can see what content contributed the most. You will see who was influenced by your content, what network it was posted to, and how it impacted your Score.
Anyway, here are the (revised) S and T scores:
Sacha de la Roche
·  58
Dégustez sur Youwineblog toutes les exclus et les dernières tendances du vin… CHEERS!
Sandra Salerno
·  61
Foodwriter, cook, winelover, sometimes foodblogger ‘Un tocco di zenzero’ founder www.untoccodizenzero.it
Sara Carbone
·  64
Sarah Jane Evans MW
·  56
Master of Wine, writer, broadcaster, wine judge – passionate about wine, Sherry, fine chocolate, cheese, coffee, tea, Spain, Arsenal, and more.
Seattle Wine Gal
·  64
Sassy, Sarcastic, Extremely Driven & Wildly Happy! Lover of Marketing, MA, Pilot, 10Yrs in Wine Industry. Speaker: @King5Seattle @TodayShow @WineBloggersCon
Shana Ray
·  72
Digital Marketing + Social Relations with wine, food + tech // Food Nerd // Veg Blogger // Mkt Director // All tweets are mine, unless my iphone was stolen
Karlo Estates
·  63
Sherry Martin & Richard Karlo ~ Master Winemaker ~ Wine Judges of Canada. Award winning winery in Prince Edward County ~ Slow Food Members
Silvestre Tavares Gonçalves
·  60
Aqui você acompanha o dia-dia de um Wine Blogger louco por vinho e gastronomia! vivendoavida.net@gmail.com
Silvia Canas da Costa
·  48
Simon Woolf
·  55
Wine geek, MD of Brixton Pound, IT Director of Qoin. Somewhat obsessed with natural wines, sustainability, brixton (london) and seasonal food.
Simon Woods
·  57
Wine inspirer – my job is to get people enthusiastic about fermented grape juice, through writing, speaking, videos, whatever. It’s not a bad job at all….
Stacy Woods
·  51
Steven Harrison
·  53
Find Wines You’ll Love
·  52
Susan Spaulding
·  54
Writer. Love to Cook. Love Digg. BIG TIME INTO music. Christian, Jazz, Pop, Classical, Blues, Rock. Sing/Play the flute. Irish.
The Wine Ladies
·  67
Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 OABE, TV and radio personalities,columnists, event hosts and planners, marketers and purveyors of wines/lifestyle products
Susie Bynum
·  46
Wine country pro who knows people in high and low places…and everthing in between
Sylvie Gervais
·  59
AIWS, CSW, CS. Wine Director/Sommelier, Wine Educator, Wine Judge, Writer, Owner of Unfiltered Wine Consulting. WSET Diploma holder. Eternal Student of Wine.
Ted Dziedzic
·  63
Ted Lelekas
·  67
Athens, Greece-based communication strategist and wine writer, blogger and educator. Member of FIJEV and The Circle of Wine Writers.

Thea Dwelle

·  64
I love great wine, good people, and life in general! Well, most of the time.
Thomas Günther
·  58
Wein, Wine,Vin, Vino, Eno : Blogger, Facebooker und Twitterer. Mein Impressum gilt auch hier: http://weinverkostungen.de/impressum/
Thomas Burg
·  51
digital inmate with a focus on product development, marketing & wine > http://socialware.at
Tim McDonald
·  63
Certified Adult Beverage Judge, Winemaker, & Reputation Engineer Wines and Spirits with 30 years so far in Sales, Marketing, and Public and Trade Relations.
Todd Bostock
·  59
Dos Cabezas WineWorks :: I grow grapes & make wine in Arizona.
Todd Godbout
·  62
Focusing on the world of wines, beer, and spirits that we experience through our travels at http://winecompass.com. FB: http://t.co/qLtfzQb
Tom Lewis
·  58
Just another wine blogger from Cambridge http://www.linkedin.com/in/tgjlewishttp://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=784154039 Circle of Wine Writers
Tom Wark
·  68
Founder of Wine PR Firm Wark Communications. Author of FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog. Speaker • Writer • Consultant——THANKS For Following!
Tomaso Armento
·  54
Wine producer. Our vines live to make our wines: Ovada, Nibio and Albarossa. http://www.facebook.com/FortiDelVento/
Tony McClung
·  57
General Manager for Copain Wines. Chief preacher of the gospel of elegance in wine. lover of wines that come from some place not just anywhere
Tracy Cervellone
·  53
Certified Wine Educator, Master of Wine Student, Author, Wine business professional. Pro Life. Conservative. No apologies.
Tuck Beckstoffer
·  51

Top scores (70+ / letters S and T):
Shana Ray 72 

Very interesting fact (7): Nobody in this list uses #winelover in his/her profile… who do you think will be the first to include it?

Top scores (70+ / letters N, O, P,  Q, and R):

  1. Randall Grahm 79
  2. Rick Bakas 78
  3. Nicolas de Rouyn 71
  4. Paul Mabray 71
  5. Ryan Opaz 70

Very interesting fact (6): I was expecting to see Randall on the 80s… And I wonder why is that… not enough facebook perhaps?

Top scores (70+ / letters K, L, and M):

Very interesting fact (5): Again, 8 of the people above have #winelover in their profiles. Are we going to be able to break this record? (#Olympicspirit) :)


Top scores (60+ / letters G, H, I and J):
  1. Jamie Goode 81

  2. Ilkka Sirén 72

  3. Ian Blackburn 70

Very interesting fact (4): After our 4th posting, we finally get our first score 80+ score! Congrats Jamie!!


Top scores (60+ / letters E and F):

  1. Emmanuel Delmas 73
  2. Ed Thralls Jr 72

Very interesting fact (3): 8 of the people above have #winelover in their profiles!

 Top scores (70+ / letters C and D):

  1. Dusan Jelic 72
  2. Chris Nishiwaki 71
  3. Daniel Perches 71
  4. Chiara Giovoni 70
  5. Davide Oltolini 70
Very interesting fact (2):  Have you noticed that both top scores of both editions (Andre and Dusan) have “#winelover” in their profiles?

Top scores (60+ / letters A and B)

  1. Andre Ribeirinho 70
  2. Anne-Victoire Jocteur Monrozier 70

Very interesting fact: The 2 top scores for letters A and B are EWBC alumni… let’s see if this “coincidence” occurs with the other letters of the alphabet… The other common factor is that they are all my friends in real life…

Please let us know if your Klout score has changed since this article was published and we will gladly get it fixed for you.
Cheers, LA
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